another fashion show
Friday, February 27, 2009

whew. its good to be back but it's not for good. i dont have time to blog here in blogspot anymore but im trying to post entries because i still have visitors. i cant update this blog that much. maybe after a big span of time, i will post entries again like what i did before. im really busy. if you want more updates, visit my multiply account but the contents are for my contacts only. feel free to add me but i dont accept invitations from strangers. i want my life to be private.

anyway this is the reason why im back. fashionsense models will rule the runway again. we will have a fashion show at liberty center (THE PARK) @ mandaluyong city *again. it'll be the grand launching of batch 12 and im hoping that this time, God will give me the chance to walk on the runway. last nov 8 2008, i didn't have the chance to do my turn on the catwalk because of the unpredictable weather. anyway the show will be on may 2, 2009. gates open @ 6:00 PM. BUY TICKETS NOW! the ticket costs 200php. leave a comment if youre interested.



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