TOP 10 first kiss tips
Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I was blog-hopping a while ago and browsing the blog entries of my co-blogger bianca. and then I found this. haha.

Top 10: First Kiss Tips
By Jonathan Carlson and Janna
Relationship Correspondent - Every other Sunday

So, you finally gathered the nerve to ask her out, and she accepted the invitation -- nice. Now, don't blow it by messing up your first kiss. The first kiss is something that women place a lot of importance on and may even base how far they let the relationship progress. Their thinking is that if you can't get that right, chances are you won't be able to get the rest right either.

But there's no need to panic. Below are 10 tips to kissing her for the first time that will ensure you make it one that she'll remember, and make her look forward to things to come.

Number 10
Be alone

There is something about the first kiss that just dictates that the two of you must be alone. It's a moment that you will both want to remember, and a crowd of people surrounding you will not enhance this particular memory.

If you and your girl are at a crowded restaurant or club, or with other people, and you get the feeling that she'd like to be alone with you, ask her if she'd like to accompany you somewhere. Take her for a walk or a drive, get into your own intimate party of two, and wait for the sparks to start flying.

Number 9
Have good breath

For God's sake, don't blow your chance to kiss her because you ate ludicrous amounts of garlic at dinner and forgot to bring gum! A good way to avoid this is by thinking ahead and keeping spices and foods that tend to linger to a minimum at dinner. So, when you're ordering, hold the onions and stay away from garlic, curry, and other pungent spices, and opt for foods with lemon or mint instead.

Always keep a pack of gum or mints in your car or in your jacket pocket, and pop some in your mouth as soon as you finish your meal or glass of beer. If you even try to kiss her with horrible breath, you can be sure that that will spell the end.

Number 8
Pick your moment

You have to know when the moment is right. Like if the conversation stops, your eyes meet and neither of you seems to be able to look away, that is the perfect moment to kiss her. So, you should take the opportunity to do so.

If she is trying to get something out of her eye, or is talking about something that she feels really strongly about, don't kiss her and think that you are being spontaneous. She'll probably wonder what possessed you to do so at such an awkward moment. After all, bad timing is not something that you want to be remembered for.

Number 7
Don't ask

Never ask a woman for her permission to kiss her. Despite what you might think, women, in general, like it when their man takes charge, especially during a passionate moment. Asking for her permission will make you seem timid and unsure; not sweet and sensitive. So, be a man and kiss her.

Of course, before you do so, you must be sure that she wants you to. Check her body language: if her body is facing, leaning toward, or touching yours, and she is smiling, biting her lip, or playing with her hair, chances are that she's interested in you. So, pick your moment and go for it, boy.

Number 6
Take it easy

This moment should feel like it is moving in slow motion. There is nothing that will turn a woman off faster than a guy who moves too quickly, especially if this is the very first time you are even going to kiss her.

So relax, take a deep breath and make the moment last. Enjoy it and appreciate every second of it.

Find out if it's okay to touch her.

Number 5
Touch her

Don't go from talking across a table to planting your lips on her face; touch her. Put your hands on her hips or around her waist and gently pull her toward you. Then, run your fingers through her hair, and cup her beautiful face in your hands.

Slowly lean in toward her and kiss her sensuously on the cheek, making your way to her lips. While you kiss her, caress her body and feel her getting goose bumps.

Number 4
Close your eyes

While eye contact is good up until this point, make sure to close your eyes while you are kissing her. There is nothing weirder to a woman than a guy who kisses with his eyes wide open.

If she catches you with your eyes open, she may even think that you are not really enjoying the moment, and feel insecure as a result. Besides, a great kiss is much more enjoyable when you are completely immersed in it, and closing your eyes will help to block out any distractions.

Number 3
Pretend she's sleeping

Kissing a woman during an intense lovemaking session is different than kissing her for the first time. Your approach during that first kiss should be as though she's sleeping and you don't want to frighten her.

Your lips should touch hers softly and slowly. And you should gently awaken her sensual side; not force it out of her like an alarm clock scaring her out of bed.

Number 2
Watch your tongue

Never shove your tongue down her throat -- she might choke. Seriously, if you do this, you will come across as an overeager adolescent who has never kissed a woman before. Keep your tongue to yourself; at least for the first kiss.

If the attraction is so strong that you both feel like you want to take that next step, you can gently tease her with your tongue, but practice restraint. Doing so will only keep her hungry for more.

Number 1
Don't slobber

I've heard women tell stories of guys who left them feeling like a very friendly St. Bernard had just finished greeting them. I think it's fair to assume that this is not a comparison you would enjoy. So, my last piece of advice is to avoid it by not slobbering all over her. Keep your saliva to yourself.
a kiss is more than a kiss

If you follow these 10 tips, you will definitely give her a first kiss that she will think about all night. It might even get her mind to wander past that kiss and on to what else you can do... So, just relax and enjoy.

*haha. parang ang cute kasi eh. haha. naisip ko siyang i-blog. ahem. ahem. parang may pinapatamaan ako dito ha. haha. sa tingin niyo? XD

i dont want to but i think i have to.
Friday, August 15, 2008

seesh. its been months since I posted my last entry here in blogspot and I feel awful about it. I cant post entries anymore because im way too busy since june and I admit it, somtimes I get VERY lazy. I'm planning to delete this blog but I can't. I dont know why. There's something that tries to pull / stop me from deleting this blog. I mean what's the purpose of putting up a blog then suddenly if you dont feel like posting, you will plan to delete it because you think it's useless anymore. well, I guess that's just HUMAN NATURE. but I think there's no rule in cyberspace that "If you dont feel like updating your blog, just delete it". I know I can go back and update again. My PERFECTIONIST side is just taking over me again.

but to tell the truth, Im always online. I open my friendster and multiply account almost everyday but not my blogger account. *talk about being lazy* and that's the biggest thing that I hate about myself.

I have thousand blogs before in other sites. *just kidding* I didnt delete them. I'll just let them rot in cyberspace. *HAHA!* that's one thing that makes me crazy. Im leaving so many marks here in cyberspace and that's not cool.

The final decision: I will not delete this blog anymore. haha. I'll try to update it. *just like what I did today ^^*

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