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Sunday, September 21, 2008

guys. i need help. PLEASE!

i need to sell tickets for our grand launching on november 8, 2008. it only costs 200 pesos. hihi.

VENUE: The park @ Liberty center, Shaw Blvd., Mandaluyong City.

Its a fashion show. the theme: FASHION WAR

Hundreds of F models will walk on the runway. Seven fashion designers and hundred collections.

Show will start @ 7:00pm. gates will be open @ 6:30pm.

PLEASE. i need your support.

e-mail me if you're interested. i need to sell the tickets very badly!

Friday, September 19, 2008

ookay. I admit it. I'm sooo addicted on playing online games right now and im saying that with an adik-adik tone.

TIME CHECK: 11:57PM (almost 12am) and i'm still wide awake (but my eyes are already tired). I'm supposed to be sleeping right now, DREAMING! or shall i say, taking a rest because i have a photo shoot tomorrow for fashionsense. but what? i'm still here, sitting in front of my PC and updating my blog (while playing gaia. siningit ang pag-blog. haha)

I know there's nothing wrong with being ADDICTED to something as long as you know your limitations and know how to discipline yourself. but not ME, i think!

Im starting to notice that i've been neglecting my projects, research and other school stuff just to play GAIA ONLINE and O2 JAM PH. Last week, we had a project on FILE ORGANIZATION (one of my subjects) due on september 9. but instead of searching the internet and doing the project, i just played gaia all day long. WTF! by the way, I failed on that subject during prelims. for goodness sake! What's happening to me?! and did i forget to mention that i'm starting to skip meals and going to bed really late?! YES I DO. and before i go to sleep, im still thinking of gaia and what should i do to earn gold so i can buy items for my avatar. OMG. now i'm not wondering why everytime i look in the mirror, i see an ugly girl with racoon eyes and a body that looks like a broomstick.

Good thing was, i can't play gaia during weekdays / school days because we dont have a PC in tanauan, batangas (im staying there every weekdays because im studying at batangas and i can only play gaia during weekends) and I wont waste my money just to rent a PC and play gaia. I have more important things to spend my money with rather than wasting it on nonsense things. *yey! I still know my limitations! Thank God!* but i keep thinking about gaia every night and day. gee! look what GAIA has done to me. Don't dare to join gaia if you dont want to end up being called a "CERTIFIED GAIA ONLINE ADDICT" like ME. haha. *just kidding!*

by the way I want to greet my cousin, SAM! happy 13th birthday couz! and i also joined facebook. ADD ME! :))

how sweet it is to be loved by you
Saturday, September 6, 2008

I dont know how to start this but this is something that I really want to post.

I want to let him know that I'm so grateful to have him in my life.

Last september 3 was our 3rd monthsary.

HEARTNESS, BELATED HAPPY MONTHSARY! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. THANK GOD I FOUND YOU. You're the sweetest blessing that God has given me.

I could not ask for more. I will never ever let him go. At this moment, I can say that he's the greatest and sweetest guy that I've ever met. I can really feel that he loves me although we don't see each other that much.

grabe. were still together despite of all the not-so-hard things that we've been through. GOING STRONG. did you guys know why im happy that we reached three months although it wasn't that long? its because some of the people surrounding us would do something to keep us apart. were far apart from each other na nga e tapos ganun pa sila. Im studying in batangas and he's studying in manila but both of us live in antipolo.Nagdodorm lang ako sa batangas tapos every weekend lang ako umuuwi ng antipolo. to make it short, I call it a LONG DISTANCE RELATIONSHIP. hard right? but still I took the risk because I trust him.

I dont get it. Why are they doing such things to stop us? I dont get it. Is it because of the fact that I'm older than him?! for goodness sake, AGE DOESN'T MATTER. right? its just a number.

but NOTHING'S GONNA STOP US. I know we can make it through whatever.

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